Sheet Polishing

Sheet Polishing For Latour Aerospace, quality is our number one priority. We are committed to providing meticulous metal sheet polishing and skin finishing for the aerospace industry. We don’t stop until a metal sheet is polished to perfection. To polish, or “finish” flat metal sheets, we utilize abrasive belts to remove any blemishes on a […]

Metal Testing

Metal Testing Latour Aerospace, an accredited provider of metallurgical testing and analysis services, has been approved to conduct a broad spectrum of tests to suit your needs. We understand the critical nature of metallurgical testing, and complete our services with precision and accuracy. Metallurgical testing, or metal testing, is used to gauge the chemical and […]

Heat Treating

Heat Treating Latour Aerospace offers a wide range of heat treating services for the aerospace industry. Our advanced heat treating machinery and customer-based approach make us the number one choice for heat treating services. No matter the size or scope of your order, we will always cater to your specific needs. Heat treating, or simply […]


Shearing Latour Aerospace is a metal fabrication specialist with a host of shearing capabilities. Our cutting-edge tools, matched with our expert technicians,  are well suited to handle any metal shearing service you may require. Shearing is a type of metal fabrication to cut straight lines into flat sheet stock. Our top-of-the-line shears work in a […]

Plate and Bar Cutting

Plate and Bar Cutting At Latour Aerospace, we provide precise bar cutting and plate sawing services at a competitive price. Our full processing center allows us to complete numerous metal fabrication services under one roof, including metal shearing, precision grinding, metal sheet polishing, and milling. Bar cutting and plate sawing are both types of metal […]


Grinding In aerospace, there is no room for mistakes. We deliver precision grinding services with exacting specifications for critical applications. Whether a custom or industry-standard order, we are prepared and capable. Because of our state-of-the-art machinery and experience, we have a strong reputation for sheet polishing and precision grinding. Our high-powered wet belt grinders get […]


Milling Latour Aerospace utilizes the latest chemical milling technologies to produce high-quality parts for top industry providers. As an alternative to mechanical operations like CNC, chemical milling is a cost-effective and highly controlled method to reduce the weight of airplane parts. Milling (also known as chemical or photochemical machining) is a chemical process to remove […]

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