Sheet Polishing

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Sheet Polishing

For Latour Aerospace, quality is our number one priority. We are committed to providing meticulous metal sheet polishing and skin finishing for the aerospace industry.

We don’t stop until a metal sheet is polished to perfection. To polish, or “finish” flat metal sheets, we utilize abrasive belts to remove any blemishes on a metal’s surface, including rust, pits, handling marks, and blisters. Metal sheets can be polished either wet or dry, and require a different belts depending on the type of metal or alloy. For example, steel is first abraded with a highly coarse grit belt, and then, as the surface becomes increasingly smoother, finer belts for a stainless finish.

From standard sheet metal to leading edges or winglets, we are capable of polishing and buffing parts in a range of sizes and shapes. Latour Aerospace provides super finish polished skins and can uniformly match skins no matter the length of production time.

For sheet metal without the faintest scratch or mark, top industry providers rely on Latour Aerospace. Our superior production methods and attention to detail has gained us an outstanding reputation. Time and time again, we have proven ourselves to be experts in meeting the demands of the aerospace industry. For consistently reliable sheet metal polishing and buffing services, call Latour Aerospace today—516-802-0760.

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