Plate and Bar Cutting

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Plate and Bar Cutting

At Latour Aerospace, we provide precise bar cutting and plate sawing services at a competitive price. Our full processing center allows us to complete numerous metal fabrication services under one roof, including metal shearing, precision grinding, metal sheet polishing, and milling.

Bar cutting and plate sawing are both types of metal fabrication services. Our bar cutting machines and slate saws are built to cut bars and flat metals in preparation for further manufacturing. We can handle brass, titanium, and steel bars and plates, among other heavy metals and alloys. Whether you need square cuts, or a rectangular or round bar, rely on Latour Aerospace for your customized dimensions and tolerances. We can even provide metric measurements, if needed.

Latour Aerospace is devoted to offering significant value and satisfaction to all of its customers in search of bar cutting and plate sawing services.

Latour Aerospace is an expert in handling bar cutting and plate sawing orders, whether customized or standard. In the ever-changing world of aerospace, new materials require new manufacturing techniques. We are perpetually changing our equipment to keep pace with the technological advances of tomorrow. To find out more about our commitment to high-quality metal fabrication, including shearing [LatourAerospace_MetalShearing_1F], please call—516-802-0760.

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