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Latour Aerospace utilizes the latest chemical milling technologies to produce high-quality parts for top industry providers. As an alternative to mechanical operations like CNC, chemical milling is a cost-effective and highly controlled method to reduce the weight of airplane parts.

Milling (also known as chemical or photochemical machining) is a chemical process to remove precise amounts of material from aircraft components.  During the process, a metal surface is partially masked in a chemical solution and then submerged in etching chemicals. The unwanted material dissolves, and the desired shape remains. All types of metals in any size or shape can undergo the process of milling, making it easy to manufacture complex contours that would be impossible to obtain through traditional machining.

Latour Aerospace boasts a wide range of capabilities, including milling aluminum, stainless steel and titanium metals.[S1]  Because material is removed from the exterior surface, chemical milling can achieve wall thickness of exacting tolerances (.020’”) without being warped. Once complete, the final part is then rigorously inspected for conformance to blueprint specifications.

At Latour Aerospace, we are dedicated to providing certified chemical milling services to meet the demands of the aerospace industry. In an evolving market, we stay on top of the trends by utilizing the latest


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