Heat Treating

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Heat Treating

Latour Aerospace offers a wide range of heat treating services for the aerospace industry. Our advanced heat treating machinery and customer-based approach make us the number one choice for heat treating services. No matter the size or scope of your order, we will always cater to your specific needs.

Heat treating, or simply “heat treat,” is a process used to alter the physical or chemical property of a material. By applying extremely hot or cold temperatures, Latour Aerospace can soften or harden metal to meet your exact specifications. The heat treating process includes intricate steps, from quenching, which is the rapid and controlled cooling of hot parts, to tempering, which is the heating of a hardened metal to increase ductility. Whether you require heat treating for a custom or industry standard-sized aerospace part, we can meet your demand.

From design to delivery, we will be there every step of the way of the heat treating process to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. We follow international standards of quality control, so no detail is ever overlooked.

At Latour Aerospace, we are dedicated to providing high-quality heat treating to the aerospace industry at a competitive price.  State-of-the-line technology matched with an expert staff make us the go-to provider for heat treating services. Our customer-based approach and proven track record guarantee your satisfaction. To find out about our wide range of other aerospace services, please call—516-802-0760.

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