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In aerospace, there is no room for mistakes. We deliver precision grinding services with exacting specifications for critical applications. Whether a custom or industry-standard order, we are prepared and capable.

Because of our state-of-the-art machinery and experience, we have a strong reputation for sheet polishing and precision grinding. Our high-powered wet belt grinders get the job done, with our skilled technicians always there to oversee the process.  We offer multiple grinding services, including centerless, in-feed, thru-feed, and crush grinding for a variety of metals and alloys .  All ground pieces leave our factory with a flawless surface finish.

Latour Aerospace is equipped to take on all grinding applications and solutions. For high-volume production or single parts, we devote the utmost care to manufacture only the highest quality aerospace equipment.

Within a rapidly evolving market, Latour Aerospace leads the industry by introducing the latest aerospace grinding technologies. We continually invest in new equipment to produce parts that give our clients a competitive edge. For precision grinding services of superior quality and tolerance, choose Latour Aerospace—516-802-0760.



Latour Aerospace

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