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Latour Aerospace, Inc. recognizes that there are literally hundreds of metal alloys produced over the past decades. Additionally, alloys used for critical applications such as Aerospace and Military are manufactured to a variety of specifications that go back as far as the early 1900’s.

In today’s material distribution market it is impossible for any single distributor to inventory every size, and type/specification of metal that was ever manufactured since the beginning of the 20th century.

Typically, a buyer searching for an “impossible” item has to spend hours exploring the Internet looking for a rare item to fill a contract that is due, or to find a difficult type of metal for a quotation. Oftentimes a production line has to shut down because a supplier has run out material to feed the line. Situations like these occur all over the world on a regular basis.

Latour Aerospace, Inc. has, to a large degree, solved this problem for buyers.

Latour Aerospace, Inc. for many years has devoted a separate department for the exclusive task of one single purpose-“finding that item that a buyer cannot locate”. In order to accomplish this goal, many years of data have been imputed into computers used exclusively for the researching of problematic requirements.

What is in these computers at Latour Aerospace, Inc.?, how do we conduct our research? We store every single Specification for material ever produced, whether current or discontinued. We know the Mills that have produced every alloy ever made and have a list of their Authorized Distributors. We have stored sales of all of our customers that have used difficult items for many years. On a daily basis Latour Aerospace, Inc. receives excess inventory lists from all major aircraft manufacturers and their sub-contractors worldwide. Our researchers are in constant touch with metallurgists at all of the United States Mills searching for information and leads to locate hard requirements. We are in touch with Government and Military personal reviewing extinct specifications and superseding specifications. We have the ability to obtain buying histories of rare and difficult items.

Our research personnel have many years of experience sourcing and buying material. Some have had previous experience as purchasing agents and/ or backgrounds in metallurgy.

Latour Aerospace, Inc. wants to be your first choice the next time you find yourself “stuck” locating an item. Keep us in mind; we’ll make your job a lot easier!

Latour Aerospace, Inc. looks forward to hearing from you soon.

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